I love it! I have no idea why. I just cannot describe it, but I’ll try. It was just the atmosphere. Coming from Orange County—we don’t have big cities. We’re a handful of little cities bunched together. There are just a few short “skyscrapers” by John Wayne Airport—our only airport… and I love it. We have the ocean, we have sand, we have hiking trails and definitely a whole bunch of restaurants and bars. What we don’t have, is that “in-the-city” feeling when you’re walking down the street. No one walks down the street here.


I am not a fan of the big city. Big cities are big—so my next comment isn’t a blanket statement, but it’s true enough—big cities are dirty. The traffic’s a pain. The sidewalk’s a pain. Busses, Uber, taxis—all a pain!



Seattle is a little big city. It has all the glamorous appeals of the big city—the tall buildings, the open-all-nights, the monuments, the stories… the gum wall! I loved the city being up late at night—not all night, without the stinkiness of a big city. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!


The Space Needle—what can I say? Like any other big landmark, you come and you leave. It wasn’t too exciting.



We didn’t go. At least not during normal business hours. The one thing I hate to admit while writing about my experiences is that I haven’t experienced everything. Regrettably, I had not had the chance to visit Pike Place Market—only once at 2 or so in the morning. It was the only place I really wanted to go. Why was I there at two? I was spending quality time with my cousins all day and night and we only happened to wander over there since, and that was way more important to me than spending time at Pike Place during the day without the boys.



I wasn’t there long enough to really soak in every detail of Seattle, but what I did experience is worth mentioning. Get back to me some time in the future after I’ve really gotten to know Seattle. For now, I only know I’d love to go back.


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